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Rodli Web Strategies

What We Do

About Rodli Web Strategies

We are a website development company located in Missoula, Montana. We provide website design services for small businesses, non-profits and churches/ministries.

In Business since February 2000

We have served hundreds of small businesses, non-profits and churches through the years.

Local and National

We service numerous businesses and organizations in Missoula, throughout Montana and the United States.

Brand & Identity

We have broad experience with assisting small businesses and organizations as they develop and grow. 


Besides web design, our Principal has worked as an executive in natural resources, publicly-listed companies and serves on the Board of Directors for non-profit organizations.


Brett Rodli, owner and lead developer, has extensive experience assisting small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations as a website developer (and as an owner/executive of several small businesses).  His experience will help your small business or non-profit move forward and build itself as quickly or thoroughly as you desire.  Brett has been assisting businesses and organizations for over 16 years.  He believes there is significant value added to your project based on availability when questions arise and changes need to take place.

We are believers that most small businesses, churches and organizations do not need to implement sophisticated coding for an effective website and internet presence.  Too often, small businesses, churches and organizations spend thousands of dollars for a complicated website, requiring high-priced programmers to make changes, only to have that programmer move on leaving you “high-and-dry”.

Our philosophy is:  Keep it Clean, Keep it Simple, and most importantly, Keep it Affordable!


Website Services

Our philosophy is: keep it clean, keep it simple, and most importantly, keep it affordable.

Keep it Clean

A good-looking website providing positive user experience should not be complicated.

Keep it Simple

Most websites do not need the most sophisticated coding and costly designs.

Keep it affordable.

The cost of creating, maintaining and expanding your Internet presence should not discourage you.

We provide:

WordPress setup and support, Joomla set up and support, search engine optimization, social media creation and maintenance, website maintenance, custom-designed website, video editing, podcasting, website hosting, Google/Facebook ad design and set up, responsive design (aka mobile websites), and more.



Is sophistication more important than effectiveness?

Small businesses need a website, and having a website means it needs to be easily found and represent the professionalism of your business.

Often times, small businesses believe that a website with the latest programming languages and newest technologies, paying thousands to developers to deliver and implement, is necessary to have an effective presence on the Internet.

Too often this is not true!  The latest programming languages and technologies do not guarantee success, and cost the business thousands of dollars that could have been used elsewhere.

Rodli Web Strategies offer services designed to help small businesses create, deploy and implement an affordable Internet strategies.  We listen and review what your businesses offers and requires, then we build the website and Internet strategies around your budget and business plan.

All of our WordPress and Joomla websites include:  search engine optimization, social media set-up, Google Places verification and Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools set-up.



Church Website Design

Church websites: designed to be affordable to your church or ministry!

Churches and ministries, large and small, from cities or small communities will benefit from a website and Internet presence.  Rodli Web Strategies wants to help your church or ministry, no matter the size! We provide affordable church website designs.

There are quite a few, nationally-known church website services.  None will compare with our prices, performance, customer service, and willing to work with you directly to ensure a positive website and Internet experience! You receive personal service from our lead developer.

Often times, churches are not inclined to create or update a website because they do not have anyone they can count on to design and maintain it, or believe it is too expensive.  We go out of our way to try to help churches and ministries with their website as much as possible.

We like to think of ourselves as your personal Internet Consultant!  We invite you to contact any of our clientele to confirm our professionalism, quality of service and timeliness.

Check out some of church and ministry websites!

We offer two church website design packages:


Monthly Plan

An affordable option employing the WordPress platform and templates; a great balance between design and functionality. Packages average $40.00 per month.

custom-design plan

Websites built from “scratch” providing flexibility, control and allowing easy technology integration.



A good representation of our clientele and our work.

The latest website: Journey Christian Fellowship



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